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Commercial Permit Plan Submittal Information

Plan Review Submission Requirements

  • Three (3) complete sets of plans and specifications
    • Plans must be designed using 2012 NC Building Codes
    • Design code must be specified on plans.
    • Building Code Summary for Commercial Projects (Cover Sheet)
    • Building Accessibility Summary for Commercial Projects (Cover Sheet)
    • Each page pf plans shall bear the name, signature and address of the Designer of Record.
    • Professional seals, when applicable to the project, must appear on each sheet and must be signed and dated by the designer.
      • Design Professional must be registered in State of North Carolina
    • Provide Energy Code Summary for Building, Electrical, and Mechanical
      • Must show method of compliance with IECC Section 506.
      • Energy statements are required on all interior completions and additions.
    • Plans *MUST* be collated and stapled together.
  • Site plan with all accessibility features
  • See submittal requirements for fire alarm and sprinkler plans and specifications below.
  • Completed Commercial Permit application


Review Notes

A lien agent designation is required for all jobs over $30,000 in total costs. (

If a Zoning Permit for the project has already been obtained, include a copy of the permit or approval letter along with the plan submittal. Before a building permit can be issued, proof of the Zoning Permit must be submitted. Proof that all water, sewer and assessment fees have been paid must be presented before a permit will be issued.

Incomplete plans will be returned without a review. Major revisions (field revisions) which require another review after permit issuance will require the plans to be resubmitted for review.

If, at the time of application, the individual subcontractors are unknown, just check the individual trades that will apply for the permit but, the subcontractor information must be completed before a permit will be issued. Be sure to complete the "Contact Information" section, and sign and date the permit application. Please make sure that the application is legible. If we can't read the application, we have no way to get in contact with you.

A permit will not be issued on plans that are marked "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" or "PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS". All plans submitted must be "FINAL CONSTRUCTION".

Review Process

The review process generally takes from three (3) to fourteen (14) days, depending upon the complexity of plans. The individual listed in the "Contact Information" will be contacted with any comments. In most cases, we try to specify a code reference along with a review comment. A copy of your plan submittal will be forwarded to Johnston County Fire Services for their review. They will contact you with their comments or questions.


Cloud all changes, notes and other pertinent information in order to clearly identify revisions without the reviewer having to go through the complete review process again. Plans should list the date of each revision. A letter of transmittal shall accompany each set of plans describing changes/response for each trade and the location of the change.


Commercial Site Plan Submittal Requirements

  • Plans must be drawn to scale.
  • Show location of all accessible routes and accessibility features. Site plans must meet the accessibility requirements of the North Carolina Accessibility Code.
    • Accessible parking.
    • Accessible parking signs (locations and sign details).
    • Construction details and locations of any required curb cuts and/or ramps.
    • Show location of all building entrances and exits and the accessible routes from the building leading to the public way.
  • Show location of all public utilities (water and sewer).
  • Show location of all existing fire hydrants and the proposed location of any new hydrants to be installed.
  • Sewer: If public sewer is to be used, state such on plans and show proposed routing of sewer lines and locations of tie in. If septic system is being utilized, show location of tank in relation to building and identify drain fields and repair areas. Mark distance from building and property lines for all parts of the septic system.
  • All setbacks and easements must be shown on plans with all distances marked.


Fire Alarm Submittal Requirements

Construction documents, three (3) complete sets, for fire alarm systems shall be submitted for review and approval prior to system installation. Construction documents shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

  • A floor plan
  • Locations of alarm-initiating and notification appliances
  • Alarm control and trouble signaling equipment
  • Annunciation
  • Power connection
  • Battery calculations
  • Conductor type and sizes
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Manufacturers model numbers and listing information for equipment & devices
  • Details of ceiling height and construction
  • The interface of fire safety control functions
[N.C. Fire Prevention Code - Section 907.1.2]

Sprinkler Submittal Requirements

Construction documents, three (3) complete sets, for sprinkler plans shall be submitted for review and approval prior to system installation. Construction documents shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

  • Three sets of NICETT Level 3 or 4 plans are required to be submitted with hydraulic calculations.
  • Provide cut sheets on heads and pipe scheduling.


A permit issued shall be construed as permission to proceed with the work and not as authority to violate, cancel, alter, or set aside any of the provisions of the technical code. Issuance of a permit shall not prevent the Inspection Department from requiring corrections of errors in plans, construction or violations of this code (General Statues 153A-357 and 160A-417).


Commercial Permit Application form

Page last updated: June 17, 2022

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