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Johnston Regional Airport

Johnston Regional Airport

Johnston County Airport Authority


       The first five members of the Johnston County Airport Authority were appointed by the Johnston County Commissioners in 1972. 
       These members were Paul Johnson, Jr., Rual Cogswell, Graham Hinnant, Jimmy Flowers, and George Brannan.

Meet the Members

        The current board members appointed by the Johnston County Commissioners are:

Current Board Members

                                                                                                                      Photo credit: Avery Oetjen

  • Ken Starling, Chairman (far right)
  • John Bullock, Vice-Chairman (far left)
  • Tim Stevens, Secretary (right)
  • Dwight Lowery, Member (left)
  • Bruce Johnson, Member (center)

     Ken Starling is a lifelong resident of Johnston County with an extensive record of public service residing in Princeton with his wife Jenny.  He has been a
     member of the Airport Authority for 8 years and currently serves as Chairman.  Ken obtained his pilot’s license at age 17 and has spent his entire career in
     aviation.  Over that 40-year span, he has flown executive jet charters and managed multiple corporate flight departments utilizing numerous airplanes and
     helicopters.  Ken’s experience continues to bring a corporate and business perspective to enhance growth for the airport, as well as Johnston County.

     John Bullock has been involved in aviation for over 40 years to include being a member of the Johnston County Regional Airport Authority for over 25
     years, serving as Chairman for eight of those years. He uses aircraft almost daily in the Bullock Equipment Dealerships and Construction Businesses.
     Aviation is vital to the growth of Johnston County; without a strong Regional Airport this would not be possible.

     Tim Stevens currently serves as the Secretary of the board. He has been involved in aviation for over 40 years. Tim received his pilot’s license while
     attending UNC. JNX has been his home field since it opened.

      Dwight Lowery was born and raised in Raleigh and moved to Clayton 25 years ago.  He has had a love of flying all his life and started flying at JNX in
      April of 2000.  Dwight fell in love with our airport immediately and joined the authority about eight years ago.

     Bruce Johnson and wife Nancy are both lifetime Smithfield-Selma residents.  Bruce discovered the joy of flying with his father, and became a pilot when
     he was 19 years old.  Bruce and Nancy sold their business (Handy Andy Carpets) and retired in 2017, and Bruce now enjoys serving on the Airport
     Authority.  Other hobbies include playing guitar and singing music, time on the water, and playing golf.


Regular Board Meetings

       The Johnston County Airport Authority meets every third Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the terminal building.

         In order to promote an open, public and transparent Board process, the Authority encourages members of the public to comment on matters related
         to the Authority or its operations during the public session of its monthly board meetings. Please notify us in advance of your intent.


Board Documents

General Aviation's best approach to the Triangle Region

General Aviation's best approach to the Triangle Region