Data Services and Costs

How to Request Data for Purchase

  • Download and complete the Data Services Request form.
  • Complete and sign the form.
  • Submit the form to the Elections Office along with payment for your purchase.

 For more information, please contact the Board of Elections office directly at 919-989-5095.

Price Listing for Data Requests

Note: Full payment is required before we can process your request.

  • Printouts: All printouts are $0.15 per page.

  • Labels: Labels are printed 30 labels to one page, and each page of labels costs $0.40.

  • USB: You will need to have a program that will handle large amounts of data in order to use these files. The data can easily be opened with Microsoft Excel or Access, for example. USB's are $10.00 per USB.

Privacy Changes

Please Read: The date of birth field is no longer visible in voter records. Per § 163-82.10, effective June 1, 2005, dates of birth that may be generated in the voter registration process, by either the State Board of Elections or a County Board of Elections, are confidential and shall not be considered public records and subject to disclosure to the general public under Chapter 132 of the General Statutes. No list produced under this section shall contain a voter's date of birth; however, lists may be produced according to voters' ages.

Why Voter Registration Data is Available Here

According to North Carolina law (General Statute 132), "The public records and public information compiled by the agencies of North Carolina Government or its subdivisions are the property of the people. Therefore, it is the policy of this State that the people may obtain copies of their public records and public information free or at minimal cost unless otherwise specifically provided by law." (Voter registration records are not exempt from this law.)

NCGS 163-82.10(b): "...the county board of elections shall provide to any person a list of the registered voters of the county or of any precinct or precincts in the county. The county board may furnish selective lists according to party affiliation, gender, race, date of registration, precinct, name ...The following shall apply if a county maintains or has its voter registration list maintained on a computer:

(1)...shall make the voter registration information available to the public on magnetic medium.

(2)...Information requested on magnetic medium shall contain the following: voter name, county voter identification number, residential address, mailing address, sex, race, age or date of birth or both, party affiliation, precinct name, precinct ID code, congressional district, senate district, representative district...and any other district information available, and voter history including primary, general and special districts, or any other reasonable category."

Any person is able to come to our office and request a listing of all voters, and we must provide that listing to them. The only portion of the voter registration information that the federal government and state government have deemed private is the agency at which a person made application to register to vote.

Many people want to know how to prevent their information from appearing in lists like this one. Under North Carolina law, there is no option. Since the data is public record and is available to whoever asks for it, we (the custodians of the information) are required to provide access to the information. Some efforts may bear fruit, however. Perhaps you would like to contact your state elected representatives, and encourage them to restrict access to public records. If so, please visit our Elected Officials page and send an e-mail to the State House Representative or State Senator who represents you.

Page last updated: November 7, 2023