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Johnston Regional Airport

Johnston Regional Airport

Ongoing Projects

Airport Master Plan

What is an airport master plan?

An Airport Master Plan is a study used to determine the long-term development plans for an airport. Air transportation is a vital community industry. It is important that the requirements for new or improved airports be anticipated. 

JNX is in the process of developing a Master Plan.

The first Impact Meeting was held in November. We thank our panel for their input. Please click on the file below to read about our successful kick-off. Future meeting results will be posted here.

 Meeting Summary

Hangar Construction

An 80 x 80 state of the art facility has been built to serve the corporate needs of our tenants.


Blue Line Aviation Complex Project

Welcome Blue Line Aviation!

Please see the press release on our Facebook page.

 Airside View
Landside View

General Aviation's best approach to the Triangle Region

General Aviation's best approach to the Triangle Region