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Zoning Complaints

Please contact Planning for information on:

Do not contact the Planning for the concerns listed below. These are non-enforceable.

  • Maintenance and appearance of yards such as mowing.
  • Parked and inoperable vehicles located on Roads/Streets. These are enforceable by NC DOT.

Images of Zoning Violations

Images of Zoning Violations

Images of Zoning and Burning Violations

Reporting a Zoning Violation

To report a zoning violation or complaint, you can email or call the Planning department at 919-989-5150.

Mobile Home Take-Down Program

Each year the county is allotted a certain amount of money which is dedicated to the removal of dilapidated mobile homes that are no longer being used as a residence. These mobile homes can pose a health and safety concern as well as create an eyesore for surrounding citizens. For those who qualify under a medical and/or financial hardship, the removal process is completed at no cost to the owner. Due to the limited amount of money, it is encouraged that you contact our office if you would like our assistance or need more information.

Guidelines for removal of dilapidated mobile homes

  • Qualifying persons must either have a financial and/or medical hardship
  • Owner must be the one to request the mobile home be taken down
  • Owner must sign a release to Johnston County that allows the contract company to do the demolition and removal.
  • If the mobile home owner and landowner differ, the landowner must also sign a release allowing the contractor to enter their property for the purpose of the mobile home removal.
  • The owner agrees to remove all furniture prior to demolition date.
  • The owner of the mobile home or landowner on which the mobile home resides agrees to disconnect the home from electricity, water, and sewer prior to the demolition date.
  • The owner of the mobile home is responsible for making sure that all taxes on the mobile home are paid before demolition can take place. If taxes are still owed, the County needs to be aware of what is owed so that other arrangements can be made.

For more information about mobile home removal, please contact the Planning department at 919-989-5150.

Sign Permits

Please contact the Building Inspections department for sign permits.

Burning Permits

Burn permits can be obtained from the North Carolina Forest Service by using the online form at

Page last updated: January 26, 2024

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